Friday, May 27, 2005

mercifully short

Paul Feig, the genius behind Freaks and Geeks, has lent his considerable writing talents to Arianna Huffington's (relatively) new celebrity blog, The Huffington Post. While this may reflect a lapse in his judgement, he is forgiven because a) he is responsible for one of the best television shows EVER and b) his blog entries are mercifully short and damn funny.

Today's got me to laugh out loud. A hearty guffaw. No delicate giggle emanating from these lips.

Nice to see President Bush on the front page of the New York Times holding up a baby to show the world how immoral stem cell research is. Does this mean I get to dig up the corpse of my father who died from Parkinson's disease and stand him up in front of the White House to show my support for stem cell research?

You know, I'm just trying to get some equal time. It's only fair.

Wait, maybe I wasn't meant to laugh.

That's it. That's the whole blog entry. I told you. Mercifully short. But I'll link to it anyway. Just to be nice.

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