Thursday, January 27, 2005

thank you

Republicans may dismiss it as political posturing, but I personally would like to thank the 12 Democratic (and one Independent) Senators who voted against Condoleeza Rice's confirmation as Secretary of State. It may have been fruitless as far as preventing her from securing the position, but it was necessary. Winning or not winning should not be the determining factor in standing up for what you believe in.

Thank you as well to the Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who unanimously voted against the appointment of White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales to the position of U.S. Attorney General. I respect the unified front and the willingness to, again, adhere to your principles.

Thank you, Senators Akaka (HI), Bayh (IN), Boxer (CA), Byrd (WV), Dayton (MN), Durbin (IL), Harkin (IA), Jeffords (VT), Kennedy (MA), Kerry (MA), Lautenberg (NJ), Levin (MI), Reed (RI) for your votes against Rice's confirmation.

Thank you Senators Biden (DE), Durbin (IL), Feingold (WI), Feinstein (CA), Kennedy (MA), Kohl (WI), Leahy (VT) and Schumer (NY) for your votes against the appointment of Gonzales.

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