Tuesday, January 25, 2005

no, hillary, no

Okay, so apparently Hillary Clinton is joining the Nancy Pelosi pack and putting out some way too middle of the road blather about abortion rights. Please do not compromise your principles in an attempt to reach out to the "moral values voters".

Why did I think Senator Allard was crazy when he said that Democrats would be reevaluating their position on issues?

By the way, Katha Pollit thinks the new Jim Wallis book is crap.

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EdWonk said...

The only thing more frightening than a John Kerry/Teresa Heinz Presidency in a Hillary/Bill Reign. In my opinion, Hillary is just like John Kerry, little more than a liberal Hippocrat that would impose one way of doing things on me and mine, while exempting themselves and their own.

Give me a Democrat like Harry S. Truman, and I'll gladly vote for him or her.