Tuesday, January 18, 2005

facial peel boyfriend

There is an article in today's Boston Globe about how difficult it is these days to pick a gay man out of a crowd. Apparently a good haircut and a fine fashion sense is no longer an indicator (although you can definitely rely on the tried and true -- if you see a guy sucking another guy's dick, presume he's gay).

I have never seen it myself, but Rachel Dratch apparently plays a recurring character on Saturday Night Live called "the girl with no gaydar". ("She wants a real pecs-of-steel, facial peel kind of boyfriend . . .").

Then, of course, there are those sad creatures among us (myself included) who know full and well that the men we are attracted to hate vaginas. Will and Grace had a scene in which Will calls Grace at the office and Karen answers the phone. When Grace asks Karen who is on the line, Karen responds, "The reason for your inability to have a romantic relationship with a man."


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Kristen said...

I believe the exact quote is "The reason you're not in a relationship is on line 1."

I have a copy of that script somewhere in my apartment. A relic of my 2001 sitcom writing class.