Wednesday, August 26, 2009

patience and fake plastic trees

I'm going to write a post about the insanely funny, embarrassing, I didn't know I was starring in a bad romantic comedy experience I had tonight.

But I'm in Amsterdam, it's 12:30 am and I need to go to beddie bye so I can go to a meeting in the morning.


For now, I give you Jeff Tweedy singing Radiohead. Because that's a spectacular thing.

Update: I think I'm going to let that really, embarrassing thing die and not tell the story. For now.


Anonymous said...

Dear online friend. I appeared to have given you the wrong impression. I replied to your post on twitter and then I see you posted 'blocking the crazies' as I imagine it's me. I'm not going to make a claim for sanity, but after I apologize profusely let me explain: I was not messing with you, as you replied to another friend of yours. I wasn't making light of it either in any way, merely being, in my way of thinking, a bit too much encouraging in disregard of normal rules of conduct - done with certain lightness, sure, but in the spirit of internet, with its avatars and second lives and whatnot. It was in no way meant to be disrespectful of you, least of all considering I've 'met' you over your famous letter, which moved me, a story I still cherish. In any case this is what happens in real life as well, isn't it? Only in cyberspace and without the wine and conversation to wash away misunderstandings. In any case, I just wanted to let you know there was no harm involved and that this is far from my mind, but If banned I am, banned I will remain unfortunately, not my choice but this is not in my hands anymore. All the best and I remain truly yours, your internet friend, ML (alias qyuiop)

Hannah Miet said...

One of my favorite Radiohead songs. I hadn't heard this cover, but I love me some Wilco.

And you're in Amseterdam...yet have a meeting in the morning? I would never connect those two spheres of experience but your job is obviously much more exciting than mine.