Friday, May 02, 2008

and another thing!

Following up on yesterday's post . . .

This has been said before (maybe even by me) but the thing companies should be focusing on -- if they want to generate word of mouth -- is being good at what they do. If your product or service is great, I assure you that someone will be talking about it. The great hotel I stay in when I am in Seattle? The restaurant where I get shrimp and grits when I am in Chapel Hill? My favorite scotch? The boots I bought this year and seem to wear every day?

I talk about them.

Like I said yesterday, companies stop telling agencies to "start a conversation." The conversation is already underway. Listen to that conversation. See what you need to do to be better at what you do and make the commitment to do it.

Then we can talk.

And they'll talk too.


kristen said...

Those boots are so you.

Great post(s).

abf said...

Yes, they are, Kristen. I was thinking of buying a brown pair as well.

Glad you like the posts. Trying to get back on the wagon.

I'm sure you understand.