Sunday, March 16, 2008

hip hop portraits

Jake and I met this afternoon at the National Portrait Gallery so we could go see Recognize: Hip Hop and Contemporary Photography.

Best moment = little kid pointing to portrait of Ice-T and saying, "Ice, Ice Baby," and his 40+ year old white dude dad saying, "That's a different Ice," and smiling while he mussed the kid's hair.

I was particularly fond of the portrait of Big Daddy Kane . . .

But Jake really liked the portrait of LL Cool J, including the seal (in the upper right hand corner there), complete with boxing gloves, beat box and Kangol cap.

All three are by Kehinde Wiley. The show runs through until October 28, but if you want to see the Stephen Colbert portrait, you need to get to the Gallery by April 1.

I took portraits of the lovely Jake after our tour of the Gallery, over (tasty) burgers at Poste.

Jake tells a story.

Jake admires the basket of eggs to his right.

Jake wonders if Alison is listening to him or just objectifying him.

Jake tires of being a male model.

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