Thursday, November 22, 2007

body parts everywhere

I just read this on Gothamist

"Today on the
Gothamist Newsmap: a woman fell from a building at 35th St. and 5th Ave. in Manhattan, a body part was found on 20th Rd. and 18th St. in Queens, and a pedestrian was fatally struck at 50th St. and 6th Ave. in Brooklyn."

and I thought, how the hell did a woman falling off a building at 35th and 5th manage to have one of her body parts end up in Queens and manage to have another body part fall with such force -- at 50th and 6th -- that it killed a pedestrian?

Not one of my finer intellectual moments. Or, perhaps, my finest?


kristen said...

Though I've already expressed my appreciation of this post in person, I'm officially putting it in writing now.

Have a safe trip back to DC.

abf said...

But I changed the line you said you liked! (Perhaps I shall change it back.)