Saturday, October 13, 2007

save her from herself

Samantha told me about Mixx, which, says Samantha, is like Digg, but has a better design. (I'll trust her on that one, but it's not winning me over entirely.)

But this post is not necessarily about Mixx.

No, because Samantha sent me to Mixx, I found this story on the Entertainment page about The World's Largest Breasts and I may never be the same again. In fact, I feel a little ill. Or maybe just very very perplexed.

Does Chelsea Charms not have ANYONE in her life that could save her from herself?

Okay, serious question, where does the skin to CONTAIN those things come from? No, seriously . . . yeah, I'm perplexed.

Update: Samantha just reminded me that there's something called Photoshop. The earth is once again on its axis.


Samantha said...

Be perplexed no more! Chelsea is a product of photoshop. no doubt in my mind.

abf said...

Thank you, Samantha. I feel so much better now.

Second question. Does someone out there actually find that to be attractive?

Andre said...

*crickets chirp*