Monday, October 01, 2007 digital advocacy

MTV launched its new social network, Think MTV a week or so ago, building off of the on-air pro-social work they have been doing for years.

Pros: It has a great tag line ("Your cause. Your effect.") that emphasizes outcome and it tries to follow through on that by giving the kiddies lots of tangible things to do to impact the issues they care about.

Cons: Despite having all of the Web 2.0 bells and whistles, it doesn't feel like a site created by the community, but a site created by a an enormous behemoth of a corporation trying to pass as DIY.

(Plus, I hate having to scroll left to right to see all the content. Test the site on a 15" Firefox browser.)

Judging solely by the relatively small number of views that the videos are getting, the kids aren't yet buying it.

It's time to let them take over.

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Jennifer said...

It's too bad that the Gates Foundation chose to go with the more famous brand versus helping a smaller, lesser known organization which I believe, has that community feel to it:, but also, the fact that a foundation funds a corporate project versus a nonprofit, the NY Times had this to say about it: