Monday, July 30, 2007 old folks is a social network for baby boomers and "Generation J." Having looked on the site's "about" page, I now know what Generation J is, in case you don't.

Generation Jones, born 1954 to 1965, is a newer concept and name that represents the actual children of the sixties (more wide-eyed than tie-dyed); Jonesers were weaned on The Brady Bunch and Easy Bake Ovens and later were the teens of 70’s heavy metal, disco, punk and soul."


Judging by Compete's stats, launched in June but have yet to capture much of an audience. I'm not the target (thank G-d), but it's one of those social networks that looks like it was cooked up by a marketers versus having the CGM feel of a site like MySpace (even with the big, evil dollars behind it).

Another network for the old folks will be launching in the fall: They are apparently using grandparents' own best weapon against them -- guilt -- with this clever marketing line, "Sign up for our newsletter. When you do, you are going to be your grandchild's favorite grandparent."

I hope I die before I grow old.

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