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Don't Mess with Tweedy. stereogum says that Sky Blue Sky isn't Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Fans (as Wilco fans are wont to do) act incredulous. And there's lots of video (four songs worth).

Mini-Tweedy. First it was Sponge Bob and now this. In other stereogum reported, Wilco-related news, Jeff Tweedy will be providing the voice of Lil' God on the new Comedy Central series Lil' Bush while Iggy Pop does Lil' Rummy (aka mini Donald Rumsfeld).

Summer in the City. If you're in DC this summer, the Fort Reno schedule has been posted, with shows beginning on June 18. All shows start at 7:15 and end by 9:30, which is great for old people like me who want to go to bed. Get there on time because, like a friend said the other night, when you go to a show, the opening act could always be the next Nation of Ulysses. All shows are free.

Geek Porn. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs at D5. And, yes, Jobs is wearing a mock turtleneck but, no, they do not beat each other up and, no, they do not make out.

So Much More to Facebook. Malene Charlotte Larsen, a PhD student in Denmark, lists the 25 ways to look at social networks.

Questioning Your Loyalty. Greg Verdino questions using RSS feed subscriptions as a measurement of loyalty because of how he uses subscriptions -- which is (generally) how I use them.

Short Attention Span. threebillon agrees to describe 1.83 billion people (young people in Asia) in a (nearly) two minute video for MTV. (Did you know that people in China spend 10 times more online than people in the west?)

One Handed Activism. Residents of Xiamen China prevent the construction of a chemical plant in their community via mobile protest -- one million text messages. Carpal tunnel syndrome is better than cancer.

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