Thursday, May 17, 2007

qualified to satisfy

Hillary wants your vote -- for which campaign song she should use. I think all of the choices stink for various reasons: too cliche, used by someone else four years ago, too old school, too "I'm trying to appeal to the middle of the country."

Even though I did experience a moment of, "Please don't make fun of the notion of engaging your supporters on making important decisions,"
I'll give Hillary a chance here. She's having fun, which you have to know is not something she comes across as doing very often.

So, the worst kind of critic is the critic that bashes the options without coming up with any ideas of their own. Because she offers you the chance to making your own suggestion, here they are: my suggestions for Hillary's campaign song. When you're done going through my list, tell me your ideas in the comments or go on over to Hillary's web site and tell her what you think.

"I'm Qualified to Satisfy You," by Barry White
"I Found a Reason," by Cat Power
"Control," by Janet Jackson
"Take the Power Back," by Rage Against the Machine
"Got to Be Real," by Cheryl Lynn
"Fighter," by Christina Aguilera
"People Have the Power," by Patti Smith
"Ladies First," by Queen Latifah


Jennifer said...

My picks are:

"Cuentas Conmigo" by Shakira. (Count on me). A good opportunity to get the Latin voters to listen.

"The Woman behind the Man" by Toby Keith. The only thing that would make this song even better is if Bill would cut his own edition of it for her to play.

"Army of Me? by Bjork. Cuz she's tough like that.

abf said...

Can Bill rewrite the lyrics as "The Man Behind the Woman" and THEN perform it?

I live to see the day that someone uses Bjork as their campaign song.