Tuesday, May 22, 2007

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Everyone Loves MySpace. Facebook is growing faster these days, but MySpace still rules the roost, with nearly 80 percent of visits to social networks being to MySpace. It's also responsible for 25 percent of the traffic heading to other social networks (via Mashable).

Not YourSpace. Now MySpace has landed in China, bringing with it concern that it will provide an opportunity for censorship and human rights abuses. The admin functions on the site prevent the discussion of controversial topics and discussion forums on religion and politics -- popular in the U.S. -- do not exist (via Taipei Times).

I'm Engaged. David Armano at Logic + Emotion has yet another fabulous infographic, this one illustrating three types of Internet users: the Navigator, the Explorer and the Engaged Participant. Folks, I'm an Engaged Participant. And you?

When Your Care Enough. Someecards are for people with an inappropriate sense of humor. Like me. And Steve.

He's Not Nutty. FixingthePlanet is Ed Begley Jr.'s new sustainable living web site launched recently. Begley has a great deal of credibility in this space, as he's been walking the talk for a long time now. This isn't just someone trying to make a buck off of a new trend. In fact, last Sunday's New York Times Magazine had a great profile of Begley in which he acknowledges that 15 years ago, people thought he was "nutty."

Be Green/Earn Green. Green Mountain Energy, "the nation's leading provider of cleaner energy and carbon offset solutions," has launched Be Green Now to provide consumers with the opportunity to offset their "carbon footprint." Sure, the company's making a profit off of people's growing interest in sustainable living, but they've create an engaging site and they offer up solutions that don't necessarily include signing up as one of their customers.

Guy in a Cage. The Harvard Business Review thinks companies that are using "adversarial value-extracting strategies" to keep their customers need to rethink that plan. What's an adversarial value-extracting strategy? It's the equivalent of thinking that the guy you have in a cage next to your bed is sticking around because he loves you. Okay, that was a weird metaphor, but hopefully you get what I mean. Plus, you can check out what The Consumerist had to say about it, because that's where I found it.

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