Saturday, May 12, 2007 tags 05.12.07

They Keep Coming. There's a new Indian social network in town called BigAdda (via Mashable).

OMG, Why Do You Want to Be President? MySpace is going to be hosting a series of town halls with presidential candidates between September and December of this year. The events will be held on college campuses, but young people will also be able to participate via instant messenger and, says Mashable, questions will be unfiltered (yeah, but someone will need to moderate and pick the "best" ones, folks). This announcement follows an earlier announcement that MySpace will be holding an online primary in January 2008.

Read the Blog. Susan Getgood at Marketing Roadmaps spells out the steps for effective blogger relations. Her best piece of advice? "Make some decisions about the bloggers that you want to reach based on what you've read, not on how they are categorized on some list."

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