Tuesday, May 29, 2007

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Honeycomb Kid. Gene Smith at Atomiq -- a user experience/information architecture guy from Canada -- has created these great honeycomb infographics to illustrate the user experience derived from social media tools: presence, sharing, relationships, identity, conversations, reputation and groups. I'd like to use his thinking to help think through which existing tools to integrate into the strategies that I develop, as well as using it to think about building new sites and features for clients (maybe with some minor refinement of the categories . . .) There are sample honeycombs for Flickr, Twitter and Digg that demonstrate what each brings to the table. (The honeycombs are featured on Peter Morville's findability.org.)

Talking Head. In case you're wonde
ring, David Byrne had more fun on his last trip to London than I did.

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