Monday, April 02, 2007

not a lapdog

I'm a Michael Ware fan. He's too bad ass to deny. The Australian accent. The stubble. The nose that had to have been smashed in a bar brawl. The fact that he didn't bother to get it fixed.

Soledad asked him if he had heckled Senator McCain during a press conference in Baghdad, as The Drudge Report posted yesterday. His denial would have been more believable if he wasn't laughing his way through it and he hadn't just ridiculed McCain two seconds earlier for his optimistic comments about the state of Iraq.

Drudge reports that an official at the press expressed in outrage, "This guy is an activist, not a reporter."

Better to be an activist than a lapdog.

Keep it up, Michael. We need you.


E :) said...

Ha. He's from my home town. In fact, he went to the boy's version of my school (right next door) and graduated with a degree from the same place I did journalism. Go figure.

abf said...

Swoon . . .