Wednesday, April 25, 2007

no, don't steal this book, buy it

Tony Deifell was my first boss and, in the end, a really good friend. We worked too hard together and often wanted to kill each other, but, throughout my career, I am constantly reminded of how much he taught me. He is someone I admire immensely and wish I could see more of. We have so much more to learn -- from each other.

Tony and I worked together at the Institute for Public Media Arts -- a nonprofit in Durham, NC -- that was his baby. IPMA housed a number of projects, with the common thread that all worked with young people to use media -- photography, radi
o and video -- for self empowerment and experiential learning.

With one of the projects, Sound Shadows, Tony, who is an excellent photographer himself, worked with students at the Governor Morehead School for the Blind in Raleigh to take photos.

Yep, blind people taking photographs.

You're not t
he first one to think it's a little odd. The students themselves thought it was odd. But it worked and now, years later, Tony has published a book (actually Chronicle books has published Tony's book) of the photographs and the story behind them, Seeing Beyond Sight.

Take some time to check out the book's site, which is pretty fabulous and, charmingly, very Tony. Read about and see photos from some of the events, watch video clips, check out the photos, PARTICIPATE in the photography challenge (which features excellent storytelling, of which Tony is king), and, yes, BUY THIS BOOK.

Congratulations, Tony.

Read more here and here.


Andre said...

that's pretty awesome

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Thanks for stopping by, Andre.