Wednesday, April 18, 2007

arab social media

  • On Saturday, Matt Stoller from MyDD wrote a post about how Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, back from her trip to the Middle East, made the observation that the Internet was empowering young people in the region, and specifically young women, to call for change.
  • A few days earlier, on the 10th, there was an article on World Politics Watch, about blogging in the Arab world. While their numbers may be small, they were growing in political influence: holding leaders accountable, strengthening transnational Arab identity and bringing new voices into the conversation. And all of this can occur under the threat of "phone tapping, official harassment and even arrest".
  • Check out toot, the "Arab blog network," including this post from Leilouta, a collection of quotes from Arab media about the shootings at Virginia Tech.

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