Thursday, April 26, 2007

another smoke-filled hotel room

I am in a rotten mood. Rotten. I got into Minneapolis tonight and for some G-d awful reason that will need to be explained to me tomorrow, my travel agent booked me in a smoking room and there were no non-smoking rooms.

Disgusting. Repulsive.

I feel like I have been asked to spend the night at a bar, licking an ashtray. I have the window open -- luckily there's a highway below me to lull me to sleep -- to try to get some fresh air in here, but it's not working. I even put a wet washcloth over my face -- like when people try to escape smoke inhalation when they're in a fire -- but it didn't work because the washcloths smell like smoke.

The end of a shitty day.

(But I did have a nice conversation on the plane with this guy.)

Update: I remembered a trick that the saleswoman in the perfume department at Macy's taught me! When I was there a couple of weeks ago, she pulled out a cup of coffee beans to let me sniff when I complained about the intensity of the smell. So, guess what I have been sniffing? The decaf coffee filter! I may yet get cancer from the second hand smoke, but at least it doesn't smell anymore.


Dr. Dre said...
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Andre said...

That really sucks...although, the image of you hunched over your desk with a brown paper bag around your mouth accompanied by a pungent coffee odor after a stressful client meeting...makes me chuckle?

abf said...

Yes, indeed, I was huffing coffee. Decaf. But it was before the client meeting -- and it wasn't stressful. I'm just a prima donna about the smell of smokey hotel rooms. It makes me think of Las Vegas and sad people who are trying to become "millionaires" on a slot machine.