Monday, March 12, 2007

without rival

Jesse sent a message today to alert us that the Bloggies had been awarded. Jesse sends lots of messages about things that he finds online. He's like the grandma that cuts out things from the newspaper and sticks them in an envelope and sends them to you at college and makes you wonder why the h*ll she's sending them to you.

But then you remember that you always were an ungrateful grandchild and that it's actually a nice thing to do and you should really just shut up and appreciate it.

ANYWAY, this post is really about the fact that Dooce didn't win a single one of the FIVE categories for which she was nominated (Heather Armstrong = Susan Lucci?) but that I have decided, with no question at all, that she is perhaps the reason why Al Gore invented the Internet.

She makes me laugh, she makes me cry, she makes me want to take pictures.

Thank you, Dooce. You are, without rival, the best.


Jesse said...


Lesli3 said...

As a reader of dooce/Armstrong "S. Lucci" (yes!) and a recipient of Jesse's "grandma packages," I was particularly moved by this posting. Both analogies = spot on. With the part about Jesse, though, I laughed so hard, I cried. And for what it's worth, I actually sent him the link about the Bloggies. How is that for irony? :-)

abf said...

So, you're a grandma too, Leslie?