Saturday, March 31, 2007

how lame

Yesterday, Nedra wanted to demonstrate how to subscribe to a blog's RSS feed and tried to use my blog in the example. Unfortunately, a "subscribe to my blog" link wasn't readily accessible and she couldn't complete the process.

And I was embarrassed.

So, I fixed it.


Update: All of which makes this post from Lee Odden at the Online Marketing Blog about the value of making it easy for readers to subscribe to your blog's RSS feed pretty damn timely.


Nedra Weinreich said...

Sorry, Alison - I didn't mean to embarrass you! I should have checked it out before using yours as an example. Definitely not a big deal. And it was great to meet you on Friday!

abf said...

Oh, I'll survive. Plus, it got me to make the change, so it's all good in the end. Will get around to posting about the session soon!