Monday, March 26, 2007 tags 03.26/07

Search the Candidates — Earlier this month, I posted about Gisele Toueg's comments over at Echo Ditto about the importance of search for candidates in the 2008 election. Since then, I have come across this post from February over at Tech President about how this message is not getting through to Democrats, with Republicans leading the way in keyword marketing. Come on, guys (and gal), we're talking about the basics. Get your acts together.

New Poll — What I signed up for an account at Poll Daddy and wrote my my first poll. It's down there in the sidebar, which is obviously getting a little crowded. I'll decide if I am going to keep it going.

Social Search — Kristin Nicole at Mashable posted about Zudos yesterday -- a new social media search engine launched this weekend. It's apparently people-powered but, like Kristen, I'm not clear what that means. (Someone?) I did a search for more buzz on Katie Couric's interview with John Edwards and I'm at the top of "blogger buzz" (for the moment).

I should have a new blogger interview posted in the next few days. Sorry for the lull on that. It should be a good one and worth the wait.

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