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Google Blog Rank — Muhammad Saleem outlined the top 10 things that are impacting your blog's ranking on Google Blog Search, improving 901am's ranking in the process. (Nothing like a top 10 list about how to improve your status to suck in hordes of bloggers.)

Search in Ireland I had the pleasure of co
nducting a training with my colleagues from some of the agency's European offices, including our Dublin office. I'll send along this link from Mashable to tell them something they already know: the social network Bebo is now the number one site in the country, with 31 million users. (And now for my dumb American moment, I didn't know 31 million people lived in Ireland.)

Shorpy's Pictures — Shorpy was a young coal miner living in Alabama in 1910 and, today, he is the namesake for a photo blog dedicated to depicting life 100 years ago. The photos are amazing, so I've
added the blog to my blog roll and the RSS feed to my Google Reader.

Shorpy and his pals.

Niche Social Networks — I have been saying this to anyone who will listen: the trend is toward smaller, niche social networks and this is going to be the most effective way for marketers, politicians and advocacy groups to reach the people they want to reach in a deep and meaningful way (yes, ENGAGE them). Communispace has a self interest in saying so, but their research apparently backs them up.

The Big Guys (Social Networks) — Despite the need to pay attention to the niche networks, lists the social networks that you need to be able to name drop at your next geek cocktail party

Viral Video — The Viral Video Chart tracks "today's top 20 viral videos": those videos that have that magic ingredient that leads them to be remarkable enough to live beyond YouTube.

Getting Attention — Andre recently shared a link to AttentionMeter (which, I agree with him, is a bad name), which enables you to compare traffic stats listed on Alexa, Compete and Quantcast (we are a distrustful lot). It looks like, despite all the hullabaloo about Twitter, it's hardly in the position to overcome MySpace any time soon.

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