Monday, February 05, 2007 tags 02.05.07

Sally, where were you when I needed you?
  • 901am -- one of my new favorite blogs -- might just be as frustrated with Technorati as I am. Their beef is that the blog search engine severely underrepresents MySpace blogs, currently tracking less than 5 percent of them.
  • I signed up for Doxory after seeing it on Fimoculous. I am prepared to hand my life decisions over to the masses.
  • Fimoculous also pointed me in the direction of Deep Linking, which has now been added to my Google Reader. Sean Flannagan is the blogger behind Deep Linking and, in addition to liking his banner, his gig as the associate web director of the 92nd Street Y makes me think he might have good taste as well. We'll see. Fimoculous linked to him because Sean compiled a list of "bookish social networks," and we know I love social networks. And books. And boys who like books. And lists. And boys. I really like boys (despite what you have been led to believe).
  • And because everything sucks more when you're poor, the new UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon points out that, despite the fact that they didn't contribute to it, the world's poor will be the most dramatically impacted by global warming. Let's get our act together, folks.

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