Tuesday, February 13, 2007

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I have just a few links this morning.

The folks at Sportsvite stopped by the other day to tell me about their site, which is a social network site that creates a bridge into the "real" world by allowing people to organize their sports teams online, or find a team to join. I found 43 ultimate frisbee players here in DC, which would be cool, except that I don't know how to play ultimate frisbee, but Jake does . . .

Blog the Campaign in 08 is a new blog looking at "how social media is changing the political landscape," which I guess I do here from time to time as well (and anticipate doing more of over the course of the next year and a half until I get sick and tired of analyzing social media and become a dictator of my own country in which I control all media). Marianne Richmond, one of the editors over at BlogHer, is one of four contributors. I found the blog via Buzzfeed — along with The Soccer Mom Vote — when Buzzfeed posted about "Presidential Campaigns from a Mommy Perspective".

I deleted a couple of blogs from the blog roll and added my colleague Jim Dowling's blog, Let's Keep It Simple, because, in addition to the fact that I like what he has to say, I appreciate his subtitle:

It reminds me of the time my colleague Chris came into my office, exasperated, because someone had just called with a PR "emergency". "We work in PR," Alison, "we're not trauma surgeons."



Jim said...

Thanks for the plug Alison - well, it isn't is it...?!

John has an almost statesman-like appearance in that Great Wall photo, don't you think?

abf said...

You say "plug" like it's a bad thing. ;) I just like to share good things.

I wouldn't go as far as to call JB statesmanlike, ut we did al think he looked a little too damn happy to be away from us.

milkphish said...

you are direct linking the image above, which uses up my precious bandwidth. i'm sure you're already aware of this. btw, that's a photo of my daughter up there.

abf said...

i'm taking the photo down.