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Last Friday, I grabbed a copy of Foreign Policy to read on the 5:30 shuttle back to DC from NY and came across a sidebar with a list of web sites dedicated to climate change: (which is "about to be a solar-powered website thanks to, Real Climate, Grist (which obviously addresses a serious issue, but still manages to have a sense of humor) and Climate Wire (a climate change newswire).

iJigg is Digg for musicians. Post your stuff and let the masses tell the world what they think.

Matt Stoller at MyDD is gaga for North Carolina political bloggers and for the fact that the Democratic Party in the state is so damn blogger-friendly. As far as he is concerned, they get it. They know "it's not just another broadcast medium, it's a public space for activists to congregate and do the work of politics. It's not the only place for that to happen, but it's the most public, visible and open place." The post includes links to the political bloggers with whom he had the chance to meet on a recent trip to Raleigh.

CIRCLE has new youth demographic data for 2006.

According to CNN, cell phones are a "basic means of communication" in the developing world. They're driving economic growth and providing an invaluable tool to entrepreneurs.

I heard about Takkle, a social network for high school sports, from the guys at The Happy Corp.

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