Saturday, January 20, 2007 tags 01.20.07

Not So Sticky — The Compete blog looks at Stickam, a relatively new social network site that enables users to chat via real time video feeds. They're growing in terms of unique visits, but they aren't doing so hot when it comes to getting people to stick around and engage. What's the problem? It could be that they haven't reached enough of a critical mass that people feel like there's anyone out there to talk to (not sure if all of the unique visitors actually have the technology to participate). It could be that the appeal of relative anonymity that comes with most social network sites gets dashed on the rocks when you're dealing with real time video. Any other ideas?

Personally, I'd Rather Eat a Nacho Cheese Chalupa — John Moore at Brand Autopsy makes an argument for better products and better customer experience as the real key to market share by comparing Starbucks' ad buy with its market share among the other nine in the list of Top 10 Restaurant Chains. For example, while Starbucks (#6 on the list) spent just $16.6 million on advertising in 2005 but managed to secure 1.7 percent of the market, Taco Bell (which is #5), spent 14 times that amount ($231.7 million) to have just .2 percent more of the market share (1.9 percent). Of course, this presumes that better products and better customer experience define Starbucks . . .

Doctor Doctor — John Bell has become a man possessed when it comes to social media and health care. He wrote a great post today about doctors and social media, effectively squashing the notion that doctors aren't embracing the potential that technology offers them to learn from their peers and tell their stories.

Moms with Attitude — I found a new mom blogger to read -- Stacie at Mommy Mosh Pit. She's also at Do You Have One of These? ("Think photojournalism meets scavenger hunt.") I'm joining up.

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