Monday, January 15, 2007 tags 01.15.07

  • Katrin Verclas at has more to say about her frustration with Amnesty International's Close Guantanamo mobile advocacy campaign. It's the frustration that comes from knowing that Amnesty, with its years of experience doing effective advocacy, should know better. "Engage me, and do not let me feel that I am sinking in your typical advocacy 'push' hole that benefits your organizationally, but in the end has no impact on the issue, nor engages me in any way." Good advice for mobile advocacy campaigns and for digital advocacy, in general.
  • Alive in Baghdad is a video blog that aims to share the story of what is happening in Iraq ("the occupation") that is not being told by the mainstream media. They are looking for support for their work, so if you have the ability to shell out a few dollars or even equipment, please do.
  • Jackie Huba at Church of the Customer picks up on a conversation unfolding at MarketingProfs Book Club: do corporate sponsored social networks work? Jackie thinks they can if the focus is on connecting customers to each other and not on shilling product.

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