Wednesday, December 20, 2006

two beck clips

Stereogum posted about the new U2 video for "Window in the Skies," on Monday, leading me to realize that I don't even know when the band released their last CD. (Update: It's a promo single for the new compilation CD.) Anyway, the video is a montage of other artists seemingly performing the song.

The problem is that the song is lame and seeing, for example, Joe Strummer or Johnny Cash mouthing the words to this rather lame song just make the song seem lamer and, well, unworthy of their greatness.

(Actually, I'm a U2 fan, it might have been tough to watch Bono, the Edge, Larry and Adam performing the song as well.)

Plus, there's this weird footage of the African children playing to the camera, which looks like it came from one of Bono's humanitarian/awareness raising/advocacy trips and I can't quite figure out what it's doing there.

And then there are the two Beck clips that are too close in proximity to each other and the sense that some of the more contemporary artists are thrown in there to make the label folks happy (making the band relevant to younger music fans) and the Public Enemy clips that goes on longer than the rest of the clips and sort of throws off the rhythm and and and and . . .

Would I be less cranky about a U2 video on Stereogum if it wasn't 3 am and I didn't have insomnia? What do you think?

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