Saturday, December 23, 2006

enough to go around

I created a new blog today. It all started innocently enough: I wanted to post a comment on JohnBell's Other Blog and couldn't without signing up for a Vox account. I suppose I could have left it there to die a sad death, blog # 57,000,001, but I'm a kind person and I would feel bad.

So, anyway, I started a new blog and it's call "no kvetching," and (don't throw up), it's dedicated to things that make me happy. The subtitle reads, "read the other one to hear me complain," which is a reference to THIS blog in which, yes, I have been known to complain about things (customer service, Republicans, blogging platforms, state laws that are absolutely preposterous, among others).

But it doesn't mean that THIS blog will turn into the Mr. Hyde to THAT blog's Dr. Jekyll. It might just mean that this blog starts to change a little, maybe focusing more exclusively on politics and digital influence/advocacy, but we'll see.

Bookmark the new blog, add a new tag, but keep coming here. There's enough of me for two blogs, I assure you.

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