Wednesday, December 06, 2006 tags 12.6.06

  • A recent BBC poll says that young people view themselves as citizens of the world. However, despite Al's best efforts, they're not convinced that world is in peril.
  • Yahoo and Reuters believe in the power of citizen journalists.
  • Baby boomers -- and specifically women -- are the influential word of mouth ambassadors, according to new research from Keller Fay. Also of interest? "Since most word-of-mouth conversations are based on personal experiences, marketers need to create events through programs such as tastings, test drives or in-store consultations with friends.
  • Timberland -- a longtime leader in corporate social responsibility -- has launched a new site with a New York focus, calling on artists from the five boroughs to use their boots as their canvas and tell a story about their community. You can submit your own artwork, oh yeah, design your own pair of boots to buy.
  • YPulse's Anastasia has an article in this week's Business Week, with advice for marketers who are trying to reach young people in the virtual world.
  • Michael X. Delli Carpini, Dean of the Annenberg School at UPenn, has recently joined the fray at MacArthur's Digital Media and Learning blog. (I'm a Delli Carpini fan. He was a big supporter when I was at Rock the Vote and he was at the Pew Charitable Trusts and when I was applying to go to grad school at Harvard. I think an email is due.)
  • I don't entirely understand Wordie, but I'm signing up.

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