Sunday, December 24, 2006 tags 12.24.06

I am driving up to my grandmother's this afternoon, so I am not likely to be able to post for a couple of days. (I did, however, search for WiFi spots in her zip code and have a couple just in case the urge overwhelms me.)

Let's catch up on those tags before I go.

  • Rachel Sklar at Eat the Press remarks on the crowd's reaction when "Dick in a Box" comes on the sound system at the SoHo House. Rachel, I think Adam and Justin are more Color Me Badd than Hall & Oates, but you're right that they're "definitely catchy" (and Maya Rudolph's "Thank you," is priceless.)
  • There's a new report about the growth of "senior" bloggers (50-70) in Europe. When BlogHer's Elisa Camahort visited our office this month, she talked about the their intentions to launch a new elder blogger channel for the growing legion of ladies over 50 who are making their voices heard.
  • South Africa's Mail & Guardian reports on blogs in Russia, where Putin is taking steps to reverse the journalistic freedom that has been on the rise since the collapse of the Soviet Union. According to the article, "Russians are the second largest group of bloggers" on LiveJournal. Blogging is all the rage in Iran as well, according to The Boston Globe, despite government efforts, including outlawing high speed access in people's homes, banning access to YouTube and putting bloggers on trial.
  • If you have any recommendations for digital advocacy sites for me to check out, let me know. I just tagged Save Darfur yesterday. I also tagged Democratic Presidential candidate (and Iowa Governor) Tom Vilsack's campaign site. Do you think we'll be able to determine who's going to win the nomination — and, eventually, the White House — by the number of people who tag a campaign web site on
  • I got my JoNinja doll in the mail yesterday and wrote about it on my other blog.
  • Houtlust thinks it's pretty amazing that the Canadian Health Minister wants people to spoof his anti-smoking ad to raise more awareness. (Personally, I think Houtlust is amazing.) Should he have made a crappier ad?
  • Dumb Little Man has 40+ Tips to Improve Your Grammar and Punctuation. Good to have around. I'll refrain from sending it to a few people who could use it.

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