Monday, October 30, 2006

a thousands words

Boo to Comedy Central for making the decision to yank their video content from YouTube. Word of mouth has helped build Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's audiences and having a video clip to share just strengthens the value of that word of mouth.

Spitting in the hand that fed you.

Update: Never mind.


John Bell said...

At the Verge conference, there was an interesting panel which featured Beth Comstock, presient of NBC/Universal Digital. She was quite open about discussing how the media folks (incl Comedy Central)remain schizophrenic in relation to You Tube. As the keeper of teh intellectual property flame she has to balance what is okay to let go of and what to hold onto. Apparently YouTube (or Utube as we know it) pulls down 30,000 clips a week for copyright problems.

abf said...

It seems like the compromise (temporary?) that they can up with was to allow clips rather than entire episodes, which is generally what I watch on YouTube and which serves the purpose of generating word of mouth. The idea that a media company wouldn't want free advertising for their programming (free advertising which is perpetuated by their biggest fans and, potentially, most loyal viewers) is preposterous.