Monday, October 02, 2006

candy knows

Candy Crowley just commented on CNN that Tony Snow's characterization of former Congressman Foley's (R-FL) exchanges with an underage page as "naughty emails" was surely going to be fodder for discussion "on the blogs".

Ah, Candy, you know us so well. I cringed and had to literally cover my eyes out of embarassment. "Naughty emails" is as bad as "overly-friendly emails," another term that has been tossed around. When I think of "overly-friendly," I think of a former colleague of mine named Candace who would bound into the office like a member of "Up with People," demanding a hug. Dirty old men are not overly-friendly. They are dirty old men.

The Washington Post article about Speaker Hastert's (R-IL) call for an independent investigation was cringe-worthy as well. My "favorite" paragraph?

Foley was known as exceedingly friendly House member to young pages, most of whom are 16- and 17-year-old high school juniors who come to Washington for an intensive, year-long civics lesson. Unlike most House members, he memorized their names and talked politics with them during lulls in late-night sessions. Foley was the only House member to attend the Class of 2002's graduation, according to McDonald, and he wore a tuxedo.

I think it's the tuxedo detail. It just makes Foley sound a little sadder, a little more desperate.

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