Sunday, October 29, 2006

i won't complain

I am in Paris for the week. I got in this morning and, after getting a couple of hours of sleep, headed to a SEVEN HOUR meeting in a room with no windows. And, yes, I am sick.


But I won't. I'll just go to bed and get some rest and think about how beautiful it was outside the window of the taxi as we made our way back to my hotel -- which is lovely as well. And about the lovely people in that seven hour meeting with me -- including Tim France, the managing director of HDNet, an organization that manages to bring together two of my strongest interests, global health and social media. I met Tim at the AIDS conference in Toronto in August -- just two months ago -- but I've been looking forward to seeing him again.

And then, tomorrow, I'll post something interesting and thoughtful that does not include a single whiny comment about the amount of snot in my head.

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