Sunday, September 10, 2006

no decency

This morning's front page of the Post features a story about how the Republican National Congressional Committee plans to spend 90 percent of their more than $50 million advertising budget on negative ads, with the Republican National Committee working in tandem on an ad campaign that will feature "the best of the worst" that opposition researchers can dredge up about Democrats.

PLEASE tell me that this is going to backfire. PLEASE tell me that voters are too smart, too principled, to allow this kind of tactic to work. PLEASE tell me that people are as excited as I am (as Cindy was) by ads like those produced by New York Congressional candidate, Kirsten Gillibrand. PLEASE tell me that other DC residents, like myself, saw the negative ads that mayoral candidate Linda Cropp produced about fellow candidate Adrian Fenty as an act of pathetic desperation.

"Have you no decency, sir? This is America and, in America, someone always gets the last word. And in America, it's always the people."

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