Sunday, September 24, 2006

a sock on the jaw

Did you see this? I thought Bill was going to sock Wallace on the jaw -- and I think Wallace might have thought so too.

This was a good week for Clinton, with some of the most powerful people in the world joining him in New York for the second annual Clinton Global Initiative. The gathering showed just how powerful HE is: not only did they come, but they made generous commitments to address energy and climate change, global health, poverty alleviation and religious and ethnic conflict. (Well, at least some of them did.) To top it all off, his beaming mug was on the cover of Fortune.

But he's still pissed about how he was treated by the press back in the day. This interview reminds me of that interview he did with Peter Jennings when his library was opening. I thought that one was going to come to blows too. (I can't find a link . . . )

So, do you get that mad because you're still resentful of having been done wrong or because you're angry with yourself for not having done what you should have done?

(P.S. Think Progress has the video. Thanks to The Huffington Post for that link.)

(P.P.S. Chris Wallace is apparently still trying to figure out what the heck went wrong. Read the interview at FishBowlDC.)

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