Thursday, September 14, 2006

for now

A couple of days late, but worth the wait. Cory at Boing Boing posted a link to this excellent debate between Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and Dale Hoiberg, Editor-in-Chief of Encyclopedia Britannica. It's clear that Hoiberg is the one that is feeling threatened, while Wales just seems to be having fun, knowing that the criticisms being hurled his way are just the desperate squawks of the old guard fearful that they'll lose their relevance and stop getting invited to the best parties. If you want to read more about Wales, check out this "portrait" on the newly-launched Good magazine web site and, while you're at it, subscribe to the magazine and make a donation to the organization of your choice (actually, one of the charities that they choose). Witness is a good option if you're trying to decide which one to pick. (Thanks to Cool Hunting for the heads up about Good.)

They're relaxing the carry on restrictions in the UK, beginning in about a week, AFTER I get to fly through Heathrow tomorrow. Because, it is all about how things inconvenience ME. Will the U.S. follow suit? PLEASE?

R.I.P. Ann Richards.

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