Saturday, August 26, 2006

on my mind

One of the reasons I have been having a difficult time posting recently is because the issues that are upmost in my mind are personal and infuriating and not suitable for talking about in this space now that I am no longer anonymous.

Gender is one of those issues: the differences between how men and women handle their emotions, a post on the Working Wounded blog I read yesterday about how women (particularly divorced women) are not as inclined as men to ask for help in the workspace because of a belief that they can not rely on others to take care of them, the recent hullabaloo from warning men against marrying women with careers (which Jack Shafer over at Slate thinks we're all overreacting to, but which Rebecca Traister at Salon eloquently retitles "If You Are Really Self-Loathing and Weak, Try to Find Someone Who Doesn't Work and Will Consent to Live with You Out of Financial Desperation for the Rest of Her Life"), the best way to handle sexist comments and wondering why I have to handle them AT ALL. In other words, why is YOUR bullsh*t now my problem?

That's what's on my mind.

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