Thursday, July 06, 2006

with the sound

Seth Swirsky over at Huffington Post has mad love for Ringo Starr and writes that Starr deserves to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist.

I'm not sure that the fact that Ringo "invented" the Beatle head shake warrants this adulation, but I'm with Swirsky on the drummer's solo album,
Ringo. I still have my copy on vinyl, complete with the illustrated lyric book. The boys from The Band play on the album, as do all of The Beatles. Beautiful stuff.

And when I was a kid, Ringo splayed out on the decal in the center of the album -- spinning round, with the sound -- was a joyous thing.

Unfortunately, I just discovered that somehow, I managed to toss the AC power source for my turntable and now can't play any of my damn vinyl collection.


If you want to come over now, Seth, we could have a singalong. But it will have to be a capella . . .


John Bell said...

One of my guilty pleasures this album...yes ALBUM.

abf said...

Ahh . . . bribery material.