Monday, July 03, 2006

that sensation

John just had to go and redesign his blog today. (He could have chosen a better photo of himself for the header -- he looks grumpy and as if he might just bite the heads off the toys on the table and spit them at his kids.)

I say this because, yesterday, I had my quarterly, "I should move my blog to a better service," sensation (starts in my fingers and then seeps its way through the rest of me). I even went as far as to look through the TypePad help section to figure out how to import my current blog -- which I can apparently do. Unfortunately, it had a few too many items in the "how to" list and it just spelled doom. I am impatient. I screw things up. I can't bear the thought of losing everything . . .

I guess I am staying with Blogger a little longer now. But John's blog -- despite the "I'll bite your head off if you touch my toys" look on his face, sure does look perty.

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kristen said...

It's easy. But do a backup of your blog first. There's a Help item for this in Blogger.