Saturday, July 15, 2006

stir the soup

Sorry for falling off the face of the planet this week. I'm back.

I'm dedicating myself to a slow and easy weekend, although tonight I am planning to go to Tim's party to celebrate the fact that he is now cancer free. Definitely something worth raising a glass to.

Catching up on my newspaper reading for the week. Just read the article in Wednesday's Post about HotSoup, a new community site that aims to promote political dialogue that is not polarizing. Howard Kurtz, who wrote the piece, does not appear to be all that convinced, choosing to highlight the project's unanswered questions: how will they prevent the conversation from getting nasty and how will they get the "local community leaders" that they want to participate to come on board?

I checked out the site -- they're signing folks up for the launch in October -- but I chose not to sign up. Maybe it's the doubt that the conversation will stay civil. Maybe it's the lack of interest in listening to a civilized debate. Maybe it's that I trust in myself to be able to sift through what I hear and read to reach a viewpoint. Maybe it's that I DON'T trust others enough to feel as if I need them to help me reach a viewpoint.

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