Thursday, June 22, 2006

thursday links

Okay, so, if you're mom and her lawyer whore you out to make $30 million, is it your well-being they have in mind, or theirs?

I don't have to be cool anymore to get a Mog account so, alas, I have signed up. But I have a few complaints. The Mog-o-Matic is not that o-Matic. In fact, it's damn slow. And the screens could be better and I'm tired of having to tell them that I don't want the "Songs You Should Listen To" widget on my page. AND, there are no men between the ages of 35 and 50 within 25 miles of my zip code who have signed up yet. Sign up, guys.

Church of the Customer Blog has a great post today about how a story spreads, using the recent tale of Vincent Ferrari's abuse at the hands of an AOL customer service rep. It's a lovely dance between bloggers and mainstream media. Who knew we could play so well together?

It's official. You're #1. There's no turning back now. (Comes via Marktd.)

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