Sunday, June 11, 2006

the sunday paper

Can someone please explain to me how three individual men, alone in their prison cells, hanging from nooses fashioned from their clothes and bedding, is an act of "asymmetric warfare against us"?

The YearlyKos conference in Vegas gets coverage. But it will be a beautiful day when the gist of the coverage is not, "Don't be shocked, but they're not just a bunch of whiny liberal 20-somethings and, guess what, the political elite bothered to give them the time of day."

Yeah, in case you thought this Internet thing was just a fluke, the impact of the FEC's decision not to regulate online political communications ALSO gets significant column space. Sure, it's a good thing that bloggers don't need to worry about their posts being equated with campaign contributions, but -- oh dear -- registered voters are going to be getting a whole hell of a lot of unwanted spam this year, which might just backfire on candidates. This could be the big question of this campaign cycle. How can campaigns take advantage of this lack of regulation in a way that doesn't turn voters off?

The cover story in Outlook is a collection of tips on what Democrats need to do to not screw up once again and let the Republican's sinking approval numbers (thanks, George) slip through our fingers. An interesting piece of advice, considering yesterday's post, comes from Dee Dee Meyers, who says, "Target women, and unmarried women in particular. They feel vulnerable and they want change." I'm not sure how vulnerable I feel right now, but I'm willing to take the attention.

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