Saturday, June 24, 2006

the man himself

I thought my love for John Edwards could grow no stronger, but reading Zack Exley's post on The Huffington Post felt like someone just told me my boyfriend's hot and now all I want to do is take him home and jump 'em.

Exley piles on the praise for Edwards' brilliant use of his web site -- and, in this case, a recent podcast -- to engage his supporters.

"The whole thing is perfect: Edwards is a little off center, the video is a little too crisp, he's in front of a cheesy flag that's obviously been chosen to be the exactly right amount cheesy -- just perfect.

And he's actually talking like a human being! Thank G-d almighty, a Democratic politician has figured out how to talk like a real, regular human being. It's just as though, in the middle of his busy day, he stopped to tape this little podcast, and did it in one, casual take. Nothing to vet by the comms director here, this is coming from the man himself.

Better still, he speaks explicitly to the members of his 'online community' as though he knows them -- as though he genuinely appreciates them."

Edwards in '08.

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