Saturday, May 20, 2006

damn liberal media

There are some mornings when it is easy to imagine Ken Mehlman or Karl Rove muttering about the damn liberal media when the pick up the Post. Like today.

The two articles in the left column of front page foretell doom for Republicans in 2006. "Growing Number of GOP Seats in Doubt," reads the first, blaming the president's numbers and drawing comparisons to the fall of Democrats and the Republican takeover of Congress in 1994. To throw delicious salt in the wound, the second headline in the column reads, "Religious Liberals Gains New Visibility". Yep, apparently we're finally growing some balls and recapturing the morality flag. Forget gay marriage and abortion. Moral people don't allow their neighbors to suffer in poverty and poor health, contribute to the destruction of the planet and send young men and women off to die in an unjust war. Okay, maybe the second article doesn't actually say that the right is going down in a blaze of glory any time soon, but at least we're putting up a fight.

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