Sunday, April 16, 2006

all is good

Mom didn't want us (her Jew babies) to feel left out on Easter, so she made us "spring baskets" every year -- or every year that she remembered. Or maybe it was just one year . . .

Anyway, Mom never put Peeps in the basket (I remember lots of Cadbury Eggs) and so I have made it my adult mission to eat as many of the little buggers as possible.

I like putting the whole thing in my mouth and sucking on it until first the sugar and then the marshmallow itself melts from the heat of my mouth and slides down my throat. (Yes, oral sex with Peeps.)

Apparently the folks over at NPR like Peeps too because they have provided us with a history and, in case you want more than to suck the sh*t out of the little birdies (and they must be birdies -- none of the poseur Peeps), a recipe for Peep pie.

Have fun. Don't tell me I never give you anything.

(The Flaming Lips and The Shins are on Austin City Limits today. All is good.)

(Peeps picture comes via wikipedia.)

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Jacob Mathai said...

love the easter chicks!