Wednesday, March 08, 2006

today's Post

Today's front page Post story about Harold Ickes' plans to start a firm dedicated to collecting data on Democratic voters is not a good sign. It's not that Dems don't need to invest some serious cash (George Soros, progressives favorite john, is providing the loot) in order to catch up with Republicans' ability to use technology to mobilize the grassroots. Of course they do. But "a vote of no confidence" for the DNC's ability to take the lead in developing and managing the technology -- with an adequate infusion of cash -- is a real problem. There's more to this story and, as the Post suggests, it probably has something to do with Ickes' role in getting Hillary Rodham Clinton back into the White House.

Luckily, the Republicans are splintering in their own special way. Turn the page for Dana Milbank's take on an event on Tuesday at the conservative think tank, the Cato Institute. Andrew Sullivan and Bruce Bartlett, former aide to Ronald Reagan, both think that the Bush Administration has betrayed conservatives. In fact, said Bartlett, "If Bush were running today against Bill Clinton, I'd vote for Clinton."

Can someone please tell me why Tom DeLay won yesterday's GOP primary in Texas? I mean, beyond the fact that it's Texas?

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