Sunday, February 12, 2006

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Maybe it's because I am a year older and my eyesight is going, but I'm giving in to what I have known all along and changing the size of the font I use.

Now on to today's Post . . .

I do not understand why Jim Brady is under the impression that he is going to get the last word in about his decision, as Executive Editor of, to shut down He's trotting out what has been trotted out by the paper's Ombudsman, Deborah Howell, in the past: people said mean, downright obscene and often irrelevant things in response to her erroneous statement that Jack Abramoff had spread his donations between both Republicans and Democrats.

(The truer statement is that Abramoff directed his CLIENTS to give money to members of both parties, but that he was not an equal opportunity funder himself.)

Yes, there were people who said nasty things. No doubt. But it's time to get over that. The people who think that the "blogosphere" (a term and concept that Brady does not give much heed to) is filled with a bunch of good for nothing, foul-mouthed pinko commies are already on his side. The rest of us just think he's being whiny.

Deborah Howell said something that made people angry. In the past those people might have written a letter to the editor. (We all know how often those get printed.) They might have grumbled to their friends at the bar. H*ll, they
might have used the newspaper to wipe their a**. But now they have a place to say something.

(In other words, people were questioning the size and effectiveness of your genitalia in the past, Brady. You just couldn't hear them.)

The magic of democractic participation. You can say stupid things when you're angry that make you look like an idiot. G-d bless America.

Now, stop whining about it.

Before, I move on,
read about how former Virginia governor Mark Warner is trying to make friends in New Hampshire now that he's "unemployed" (his line, not mine). Looks like it's going to be a long road, but I'm guessing that he won't have this problem a year (or less) from now.

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